Where did our name come from?

We’re called Q’Apel for the Qu’Appelle River, a waterway that winds through Saskatchewan, Canada. Why? Because this pristine river charts a winding path, full of twists, turns, and straightaways alike. That’s what we do, too. Our cutting-edge products—neurological catheters, specifically—are designed to navigate the twists and turns of the brain’s neurovasculature, empowering therapeutic thrombectomy and cerebral aneurysm devices to deliver life-changing outcomes.

Who We Are
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I am Armadillo.

I’m a new sort of catheter for a transradial approach. My radial-access system is elegantly tailored to the demands of accessing neurovasculature through the radial pathway. Plus, I’m optimized with two modes for seamless adaptation.

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On the path to radial-access solutions, I’m leading the way.

The radial access approach is revolutionizing what’s possible in neurovascular procedures—and I’m a front-line partner for caregivers propelling the profession forward. With my dual-mode capabilities and slick construction, I’m a solid option for the patient and a flexible one for the physician.

So how do I stand apart? For starters, I’m optimized with two distinct operational modes—tracking mode and support mode—for seamless adaptation during a clinical case. Plus, my proprietary SelectFlex technology means I enable control, trackability, support, and access in one powerful solution. In short, I’m a critical step forward in serving the most complex interventions.

Armadillo Schematic - Line Drawing

0.072" ID

My 0.072-inch internal diameter enables procedural flexibility.

95cm, 105cm

My length and SelectFlex technology mean I’m a game-changer when it comes to trackability and support.

7 French

My 0.095-inch OD allows for compatibility with a 7 French system.

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Explore the Armadillo clinician page.

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How I'm Different

I’m nimble but solid.

When it comes to radial access, a slim profile is key—but so is superior support. With my kink-resistant construction, powerful coil design, and SelectFlex variable stiffness technology, I can navigate even the most delicate tortuosity, providing a tremendously stable platform.

Armadillo Key Attributes Icons - Dual Mode
Dual-mode technology with tracking and support modes
Armadillo Key Attributes Icons - Length
27-centimeter variable support transition length options
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How I'm Different

I’m a smooth operator.

With an all-in-one system and accompanying dilator accessory, I navigate acute bends with strength that outstrips my size and agility in the slimmest spots. How do I do it? With transition zones generated specifically for navigating through the anatomy from a radial approach.

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Elastically loaded tapered tip for a zero gap transition
Armadillo Key Attributes Icons - Physician Control Levels
Dilator lengths vary with catheter length and have a luer-fitting connection
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How I'm Different

I’m actually quite advanced.

Fluidity is fundamental when it comes to navigating some of the most delicate blood vessels in the body. So I’m armed with a hydrophilic coating for optimal movement without resistance.

Armadillo Key Attributes Icons - Hydrophilic Coating
30cm of hydrophilic coating
Armadillo Key Attributes Icons - Shield
Lubricious and highly durable

A few more personal details.

Ultimately, my physique comes down to the particulars. From my usable length to my optimal outer diameter—and let’s not forget my SelectFlex technology—I’m made to deliver. Have a closer look.

Illustration of the Armadillo product
My measurements
Outer Diameter (OD)0.095in
French Designation (OD)7F
Internal Diameter (ID)0.072in
Tip ShapeStraight
Usable Length95cm, 105cm
Variable Stiffness Length27cm
Hydrophilic Coating 30cm

Looking for more detailed usage information? Explore our clinician page.

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For us, accolades matter little—but actions are everything. Read up on our most recent innovations, certifications, and the clinical results that continue to deliver on our promise of revolutionary answers in stroke care.

August 23, 2021

Q’Apel Medical Launches Armadillo – A New Radial Artery Access Platform to Meet the Needs of Physicians and Patients

Jeff Krolik, CTO

Armadillo Highlights

“Armadillo was designed to do more with less. It offers stable access with fewer catheters and a lower profile than a typical 8F Tri-Axial setup. In the context of Trans-Radial Access, these benefits can help make a challenging case easier.”

Jeff Krolik

CTO, Q'Apel Medical

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