Where did our name come from?

We’re called Q’Apel for the Qu’Appelle River, a waterway that winds through Saskatchewan, Canada. Why? Because this pristine river charts a winding path, full of twists, turns, and straightaways alike. That’s what we do, too. Our cutting-edge products—neurological catheters, specifically—are designed to navigate the twists and turns of the brain’s neurovasculature, empowering therapeutic thrombectomy and cerebral aneurysm devices to deliver life-changing outcomes.

Who We Are

Who is Q’Apel?

In the simplest sense, we’re a company that creates solutions. More specifically, we design novel access device technology for vascular interventions and unmet clinical needs. Because in the precious seconds that surround a stroke emergency, clinicians need technology that delivers. That’s where we come in.

Here, we thrive on
complexity. Actually,
we were named for it.

Our name was inspired by the Qu’Appelle River, a waterway that winds through Saskatchewan, Canada, highly tortuous in some areas and straight in others. The field of stroke care is similarly riddled with challenges and barriers practically unmatched in any other field of medicine. And over the years, there have been innovators who’ve dared to design solutions for stroke care.

But there’s one invaluable ingredient often missing: a commitment to creating what works based specifically and urgently on what’s needed. We’re Q’Apel, and we work side by side with neurovascular specialists who have dedicated their careers to serving stroke patients. The result? Solutions that get straight to the heart of what’s needed now, and the momentum to solve what’s coming next.

Q’Apel in action.

We’re thrilled to debut our new office and manufacturing space dedicated to delivering transformative stroke care solutions for our users. Tune in to hear more about our core philosophies and vision for the future of neurovascular care.

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It all starts with
the customer.

Here at Q’Apel, everything comes back to the clinicians we serve. From our earliest beginnings, we’ve built tools not merely out of curiosity but out of demand. We’ve seen and heard the shortcomings doctors face with other products out there—and we’re exceptionally focused on creating solutions that work. So when we’re exploring new products, we invite our users along. When we’re testing hypothetical technologies, we ask real-world questions and source first-hand feedback. And when we launch new products, the physicians we serve are the first to know.

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Innovation is everything.

More than anything, we are driven to innovate. We genuinely believe in the power of our technology—but we also know we can always improve and enhance. So as one of our products gains traction, we already have others in the pipeline. And when opportunities for refinement arise, we listen and take action. In short, we question convention at every turn—and we’re nimble enough to take risks where others can’t. Because we believe in a future where stroke care is transformed, and we’re committed to charting the course.

Qode of Q'Apel

People are our pulse.

It might seem superfluous for an organization devising transformative stroke care technologies to focus on culture—but for us, it’s critical. We genuinely like to have fun here, and we infuse our enthusiasm into everything we do. Don’t get us wrong—we take our work seriously, and we’re incredibly driven to deliver each and every day. But we know that by celebrating one another as individuals, supporting each other at every turn, and remaining humble as we grow, we create a more enjoyable space—and ultimately, a more powerful team.

Meet the team.

With exceptional experience across the technical, clinical, manufacturing, and operations needs in the neurovascular space, we pride ourselves not merely on devising adaptations to technologies that exist—but also looking beyond what’s been done to what might come next.

R. King Nelson

Chief Executive Officer

Tom Berryman

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Krolik

Chief Technology Officer

Ken Peartree

Chief Operating Officer

Jodie Fam

Chief Marketing Officer & GM International

Jamie Peterson

VP of Sales – North America

Jim Talbot

Vice President, RA/QA/CA

Mike Deghuee

VP of Manufacturing

Ramneet Sandhu

Vice President, Human Resources

R. Scott Huennekens

Board of Directors

Chris Martin

Board of Directors

Carter McNabb

Board of Directors

J. Avi Roop

Board of Directors

Q’Apel in the news.

For us, accolades matter little—but actions are everything. Read up on our most recent innovations, certifications, and the clinical results that continue to deliver on our promise of revolutionary answers in stroke care.

October 12, 2021

Q’Apel Medical, Inc. Awarded U.S. Patent for its Highly Innovative SelectFlex™ Technology

August 23, 2021

Q’Apel Medical Launches Armadillo – A New Radial Artery Access Platform to Meet the Needs of Physicians and Patients

August 9, 2021

Q’Apel Medical Welcomes Thomas Berryman, Chief Financial Officer

July 27, 2021

Q’Apel Medical Announces Move to New Headquarters Facility in Fremont, CA