Where did our name come from?

We’re called Q’Apel for the Qu’Appelle River, a waterway that winds through Saskatchewan, Canada. Why? Because this pristine river charts a winding path, full of twists, turns, and straightaways alike. That’s what we do, too. Our cutting-edge products—neurological catheters, specifically—are designed to navigate the twists and turns of the brain’s neurovasculature, empowering therapeutic thrombectomy and cerebral aneurysm devices to deliver life-changing outcomes.

Who We Are

I am Hippo.


Welcome the future of advanced thrombectomy solutions—Hippo and Cheetah, an unparalleled symbiosis of aspiration excellence.

With my adaptive features for precise clot engagement and removal, seamlessly guided by Cheetah’s tailored design and flexible navigation, witness innovation at its peak. Embrace the future—where aspiration meets innovation.

  • System Speed
  • Enhanced Clot Engagement
  • Adaptive Tip
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When it comes to urgent stroke procedures, speed is everything.

Together, we jump straight in without wasting time on complex prep or navigation hangups. We are setting the standard in trackability for effortless navigation.

So what sets us apart? For starters, we are designed to work together. That’s what partners do. With minimal ledge effect, we glide along as a single system, easily tackling turns to get wherever you need us fast. Once there, my novel tip design adapts to the clot and 
you can confirm clot engagement under fluoroscopy.

0.072" ID

My continuous inner diameter strikes the perfect balance—not 
too small, not too large. My 0.072" ID is “just right.” 0.072 is the Goldilocks solution for mechanical thrombectomy success!

0.0855" OD

I was designed with Walrus in mind to provide a complete stroke solution – but I can also fit into most standard guide catheters.

Adaptive Tip

I adapt to unique clot morphologies, increasing the likelihood of complete clot ingestion.

Delivery Tool

My partner device Cheetah was specifically designed to accelerate Hippo to the face of the clot with a minimized ledge effect.

How I'm Different

Together, we are a seamless system.

We allow fast and easy navigation as a single system that delivers my optimized 0.072” inner diameter to a variety of anatomical locations with speed and precision.

How I'm Different

Adaptive tip properties.

My adaptive tip unlocks total control over clot ingestion. With the ability to adapt to different clot morphologies and sizes, I provide a comprehensive approach that increases the likelihood of complete clot removal. Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all solutions—choose me for customized mastery in thrombectomy procedures.

How I'm Different

I turn corners with ease.

My flex-zone offers unmatched flexibility precisely where you need it. Conquer the challenges of tortuous neurovasculature with a catheter that adapts, bends, and maintains a strong grip throughout the retrieval process. Choose Hippo—make the turn.

How I'm Different

I offer insightful navigation.

My (5) radiopaque tantalum petals act as your guide, offering real-time insight as the catheter approaches the face of the clot. Physicians can navigate with confidence, making informed decisions that lead to successful thrombectomy outcomes. Choose me for more information at every turn.

How I'm Different

The grip of my tip firmly secures success.

I go beyond conventional aspiration catheters with my adaptive tip. My increased surface area ensures an unparalleled grip on the clot, minimizing the chances of slippage or incomplete removal. When success matters, choose Hippo—the catheter that anchors your confidence in every procedure.

A few more personal details.

Ultimately, my physique comes down to the particulars. From my 132cm usable 
length to my 0.072-inch ID and uniquely adaptable tip, I am powerful and mighty. 
Have a closer look.

My measurements
Outer Diameter (OD)0.0855in
French Designation (OD)6F
Internal Diameter (ID)0.072in
Tip ShapeAdaptive
Usable Length132cm
Transition Zones9
Distal Hydrophillic Coating30cm

And don’t forget my partner, Cheetah.

I am the tailored guide for Hippo that minimizes ledge effect and
maximizes speed.

My measurements
Outer Diameter (OD)0.068in
French Designation (OD)5F
Internal Diameter (ID)0.026in
Tip ShapeStraight
Usable Length155cm
Distal Hydrophilic Coating40cm
Jeff Krolik, CTO

Hippo Highlights

Hippo and Cheetah were purposely designed to differentiate stroke care. The advanced aspiration system and novel delivery tool overcome the shortcomings of current options, creating a seamless system that enables smooth navigation, adapts to clots morphologies and off axis clots, and allows visualization to confirm clot engagement.

Jeff Krolik

CTO, Q'Apel Medical

Ready to try Hippo and Cheetah?

My technology is FDA-cleared, but I am always eager to show what
I can do firsthand.

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