Selectflex Technology provides
Physician Controlled Trackability and Support

The Wahoo SelectFlex072 Neurovascular Access System features the proprietary Selectflex Variable Stiffness Technology providing unparalleled tracking and support. Wahoo is indicated for use in facilitating the insertion and guidance of an intravascular catheter into a selected blood vessel in the peripheral and neuro vasculature. Wahoo is a dual mode catheter, providing two distinct operational modes. A first mode, or tracking mode, allows the catheter to track in a soft and neurovascular compliant fashion. A second mode, or support mode, changes the mechanical properties of the catheter so that it increases its resistance to bending while maintaining the shape of the vessel that it has assumed. The physician controls a change of modes at any given moment during a clinical case. The hybrid nature of Wahoo eliminates the "Tower of Power", meaning the need for additional catheters. This advance in catheter technology simplifies the access platform and puts control into the physician's hands.

Control Catheter

Diameter (OD)
Designation (OD)
Diameter (ID)
0.095in 7F 0.072in Straight 105cm 0.035 – 0.038in